Monday, September 26, 2022

‘It’s Been Like Hell!’ – NJ high-rise Residents Complain About AC Issues During Sweltering Heat | WATCH

*Some residents of a low-income high-rise building in Trenton, New Jersey, are saying they haven’t had air conditioning for weeks, making the recent heat wave in the area even more unbearable.

On Tuesday, temperatures at the Kingsbury Apartments soared to 80 and 90 degrees inside the units, according to some residents. Aaaliyah Jackson’s daughter is immunocompromised and is relying on fans.

“My daughter had four organ transplants. She has a trach (tube). She has a feeding tube and nursing care. They have a lot of older people in there who don’t have air. They need to have people come out here and fix this,” said Jackson.

Blue Kamera has lived at the apartment for years and said she has consistently had HVAC issues in summer and winter: “We shouldn’t have to live under these conditions. There are people on oxygen tanks, elderly people. Why we gotta live like that because we live in subsidized housing?” asked Kamera.

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Kingsbury Apartment resident Tasha Hall
Kingsbury Apartment resident Tasha Hall

Tasha Hall said the lack of air in her unit has been ongoing for more than a week.

“It’s been like hell. There is no air. It’s been going on for two weeks,” she said.

On the other hand, building management But building management explained the 50-year-old building, which was neglected for years, recently came under new management. Officials of the building say efforts to fix the HVAC system have been underway for several months.

Management said the main air conditioning unit is operating at 100%, but some units still need fixes for the cool air to reach the unit.

Kingsbury Apartment Resident
Kingsbury Apartment Resident Blue Kamera

Here’s more via News:

Of the more than 300 units, management said they received about 20 calls of complaints about lack of air conditioning.

Additionally, they said the townhomes on the property suffered several pipe failures, but they expect them to be fixed by the end of the week.

Tim Carroll, a spokesperson for the city of Trenton, released this statement to Action News:

“The city is in contact with building management and board, and have offered our assistance. We’ve been assured that this situation is being addressed by the property owner.”

Kingsbury Apartment bldg. - screenshot
Kingsbury Apartment bldg. – screenshot




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