Saturday, July 2, 2022

Sherri Shepherd Drops Trailer for New Daytime Talk Show | WATCH

Sherri Shepherd new talk show
Sherri Shepherd / Getty

*Sherri Shepherd has released the trailer for her new daytime talk show that will debut this fall. 

In the promo, Shepherd promises to take viewers “on every step of this journey… behind the scenes, on the road, in the studio, rehearsals, interviews and so much more,” she said, as reported by Page Six.

“This is my time,” she added. “It is my lifelong dream to have my own show and it is finally happening,” said Shepherd. 

Check out the promo clip below.

READ MORE: ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ to END in June! ‘The Sherri Shepherd Show’ to Replace it: REPORT

Shepherd’s new daytime talk show, simply titled “Sherri,” is replacing Wendy Williams’ show.

The new daytime talker is presented as a “comedic take on entertainment and pop culture,” according to the report.

The production company behind “The Wendy Williams Show,” Debmar-Mercury, is producing Shepherd’s show.

“The producers informed everyone that the [Wendy Show] was being canceled at the end of June,” sources close to production exclusively told ”Then in the next breath, they hired everyone to work on the new Sherri show.”

As we reported previously, despite Wendy’s health battles and multiple hiatuses, Debmar-Mercury only decided to renew Wendy’s show after their planned replacement, “The Jerry O’Connell Show,” fell through because of poor ratings.

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