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‘P-Valley’ Stars Nicco Annan & Brandee Spill The Tea on S2 | WATCH

*Are you ready to go back to The Pynk?! Season two of the hit STARZ drama “P-Valley” is ready.

It was in June of 2020, the last time we were down in the valley where the girls shake it. EUR talked exclusively with series stars Nicco Annan (Uncle Clifford) and Brandee Evans (Mercedes) about what fans can expect when the show returns to screens on June 3.

As Uncle Clifford, the sharp-tongued, wise, and gender-fluid hustler, we learned the rules of the Pynk. Watched her save her club and get heartbroken by up-and-coming rap star Lil Murder (J. Alphonse Nicholson).

In season two, we see the fallout as Autumn (Elarica Johnson) takes over as the new owner of The Pynk.

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Nicco Annan - Brandee Evans / P-Valley Season 2
Nicco Annan – Brandee Evans / P-Valley Season 2

Annan says there is a power shift the audience will see.

“Our characters, Uncle Clifford, Mercedes, and Autumn…there was a moment they share at the end of season one, which altered the trajectory in their lives forever. They are changed, and they are connected. Uncle Clifford and Mercedes are family, and they’ve been rolling for a long time. Annan continued, “so that little power dynamic with Autumn…she’s coming in and doing her thing – but, I don’t think it will disrupt anything too much. If anything, you know who the true boss is.  There’s a line in there, ‘you may be the owner, but you’re not the boss.”

STARZ 'P-Valley' Season 2
STARZ ‘P-Valley’ Season 2

We watched Mercedes’s retirement plans go up in smoke in season one, thanks to a bit of interference from her mother. But, a true boss is never down for long. Evans said in season two, the audience will see Mercedes put the club on her “booty” once again, but a few newbies are coming in to shake things up. Evans said there are two characters, in particular, she is excited for fans to see.

“What was special for me was Mercedes’ connection with “Roulette” (Gail Bean). Because the little firecracker reminded me of myself. It will be very interesting for the audience to see. We can’t sleep on any of the new characters. [Series creator and show-runner] Katori (Hall) doesn’t make any weak characters. Pslams Salazar, who plays “Whisper,” has done a beautiful job. What you see from her character is very different from any of the other characters we had before. It’s going to be beautiful. She’s so mysterious. I can’t wait for the audience to see it.”

Annan added, “this time around, I think you are really in the belly of the whale. They’re getting to know these characters in an extremely intimate way. Knowing their personalities, backstories, why they move the way they move, what their motivations are, and what the costs are for their dreams. There’s a fairy tale thread woven in season two because all of us want a little bit of joy and happiness in life. And especially during these times that have been really hard. Especially for everyone in this country, the world, but especially Black people. This season will serve as a time capsule. How we made it over, how we got through and survived during the pandemic. We will see Uncle Clifford at home and with grandma – the role Loretta Devine played – and how their life goes through COVID and things like that. I’m excited for people to go on that journey and see how she lives in that space.”

Catch new episodes of “P-Valley” on STARZ starting Friday, June 3.




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