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EUR VIDEO FLASHBACK: It’s the 28th Anniversary of Michael Jackson’s Elopement | WATCH

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley
Michael Jackson et Lisa Marie Presley en visite dans la ville royale le 5 septembre 1994 a Versailles, France. (Photo by Pool DEVILLE/MERILLON/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

*Twenty-eight years ago today, Neverland and Graceland suddenly merged. Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of Elvis Presley, exchanged vows and drew a collective global side-eye.

The “King of Pop” and daughter of “The King” first crossed paths in the 1970s at a concert in Las Vegas. They were reacquainted nearly 20 years later during dinner with a mutual friend in Los Angeles, and reportedly had a platonic relationship in the early 90s. She was married at the time to Danny Keough.

Accusations of sexual abuse popped up in the summer of 1993. He agreed to a $23 million settlement with the accuser’s family in January 1994, but vehemently denied the charges, as he told the world in this statement live from Neverland Ranch.

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Jackson had reportedly turned to Lisa Marie for support during this time, and their relationship deepened, as they flew together all over the globe.

In Budapest.

In France.

She was officially separated from Keough in May, and next thing you knew (actually 20 days after her divorce was finalized) the two had jetted to the Dominican Republic and gotten married. Watch below.

Things then got disturbing…

The couple celebrated their nuptials on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards in September 1994. Michael nodded to his wife and famously told the crowd, “Nobody thought this would last.” Welp, turns out “everybody” was right.

By January 1995, Lisa Marie had filed for divorce. Word had it that Presley was unhappy with Jackson’s reported addiction to the painkillers he was prescribed for his singed scalp during a Pepsi commercial shoot a decade prior.

Or the whole marriage was a publicity stunt to make folks forget about Jackson’s $23 million settlement surrounding child molestation charges, according to conspiracy theorists.

After Jackson’s death in 2009, Presley would tell the world through her blog that her marriage was not a sham. She would say the same thing later to Oprah Winfrey, affirming saying, “it was in every sense a normal marriage.”





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