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Gayle King Gives Update After Suffering Injury to Her Achilles

Gayle King
Gayle King (Photo by Arturo Holmes/WireImage)

*Gayle King hit up social media recently to share an update about an injury she suffered. 

While attending the Most Powerful People in Media event on Monday, King explained why she had to wear mismatched shoes. “I went to bed on Saturday, and I woke up Sunday to go pee … the minute I touched the floor, I crumbled. I think it’s my Achilles,” she told Page Six

As reported by PEOPLE, a visit to the doctor to get an x-ray and an MRI showed she had tendonitis.

“Diagnosis just in, I am here with Dr. Nadia Levy. What’s the diagnosis?” she reported on Instagram from the examination room.

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King uploaded a selfie to Instagram on May 20 that was taken at a doctor’s office. She also added a video where Dr. Nadia Levy explained the treatment required for the injury. 

“Achilles tendonitis,” Dr. Levy said. “And she’s going to have to be in a boot just to calm it down and on some anti-inflammatories,” she explained. 

“Yay, diagnosis, and yay, no surgery!” King said in the clip.

King noted that she doesn’t “know what [she] did wrong,” to which Levy said she “just over tweaked a tight tendon.”

“That’s me. Over tweaking a tight tendon,” King said. 

“Hobbled in with a clog hobbling out with this very attractive boot,” she added in the caption.

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