Saturday, July 2, 2022

Nike’s AIR MAX 1 Smart Exoqueleton | VIDEOs

*As part of the 35-year anniversary of one of its most game-changing shoes, Nike invited MACHINA, an advanced smart techwear brand launched in 2011. The company is founded on the integral belief that fashion technology must be functional, intuitive, and aesthetic to enhance the lives of consumers rather than disconnect and distract. The brand has achieved a clothing aesthetic that is sustainable, disruptive, and continually pushes boundaries in the techwear realm.

It made perfect sense for Nike to invite MACHINA to create a reinterpreted version of the air mixing sustainability, innovation and design using the Nike Air Max 1 as the main inspiration. The shoe design has become a favorite among urban subcultures and connoisseurs of retro aesthetics — while enjoying constant popularity among sneakerheads and impassioned collectors.

A revolutionary innovation in its day, the Air Max 1 was the first shoe to feature translucent pouches filled with pressurized gas.

These pouches, known as “air units,” embedded in the shoe’s midsole and visible from the exterior of the sneaker, ultimately reduced the weight of the shoes and went on to inform sportswear and sneaker design for the next three decades.

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Nike commemorates the release of the sneaker with a global celebration every year on March 26. “Air Max Day” now serves as a staging ground to inaugurate and showcase some of Nike’s most exciting new releases. The event also provides an opportunity to bring back some of the brand’s most prized and desired classics.

For Air Max Day 2022, Nike tasked MACHINA with creating a special new design of the classic Air Max 1. MACHINA had the honor to design and develop a 3D printed customizable piece for the Air Max 1 “Wabi-Sabi” using some sustainable materials such as micromotors from old computers and toys, PLA a plastic substitute made from fermented plant starch (usually corn) which is quickly becoming a popular alternative to traditional petroleum-based plastics.

MACHINA created a workshop model that ultimately became the template for the 35th-anniversary reissue — furthering the legacy of a beloved piece of culture. Allowing people to customize it to their own taste using several materials from leftover leathers, paint and aerosols.

Nike’s Air Max 1 was originally developed by designer Tinker Hatfield who is credited with subsequent Air Max models like the Air Max 90, the Air Jordan 3, and Jordan 4, and the Nike Air Max deluxe. With the release of Air Max 1, Hatfield launched an unprecedented revolution in athletic sneakers. The design took the world by storm, inspiring Nike to capitalize on its visibility and promote Air across the entire brand, ultimately making Air Max Running a franchise parallel to Air Jordan.

Through a distinctive manufacturing process and deep understanding of the smart clothing industry, MACHINA has become well known for its bold designs and daring new reinterpretations of use of materials. MACHINA leads the future of tech-centered apparel by embedding electronic components into any kind of garment. Founders Antonio and Linda Franco developed a testing process that draws on a lifelong appreciation of the fashion industry while incorporating bold and inspiring uses of technology. This collaboration with Nike was just one example of many.

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