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Cardi B Talks Politics with David Letterman | WATCH

Cardi B
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*Cardi B is among the celebrities that appear in the new season of David Letterman’s Netflix series “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.”

During their wide-ranging interview, the hip-hop star touches on various moments pertaining to her life and career. She also opens up about her stance on political matters.

“I don’t really put a lot of political things in my music, but I used the f–k out of my platform,” she explains.

Cardi added: “And I have used my platform even when I was a dancer. Because you might think that people are not looking, but they are.”

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“I mean, I’m a hood chick, and I’m from the Bronx,” Cardi B goes on to say. “A lot of people relate to me and follow me because they want to see how I’m dressed, they want to see my lifestyle. I feel like I have a responsibility to also share to them like, ‘Hey, while you here and you’re checking my outfit and checking my music, check out what’s going on over here in this part of the world.’”

The fourth season of “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction” is now streaming on Netflix and includes episodes with Kevin Durant, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Ryan Reynolds, and Will Smith. Watch the teaser clip of Cardi B’s episode above.

In related news, the Grammy-winning artist stars in the online series “Cardi Tries,” which finds her exploring new skills such as fishing, firefighting, and preparing sushi.

“It’s funny because one of my favorite ones is the one that I least think that I would ever do again,” she said of the online series in a new interview with Insider.

“It was very stressful,” she continued. “I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I can’t believe that waitresses and waiters and everything go through so much.’ It seems easy, that’s an easy job like, ‘Oh, hey. Yeah, just get my food, and blah, blah, blah.’ But it’s actually very fucking difficult to do.”

Cardi said the series has made her appreciate essential workers.

“For example, being a waiter or being a waitress, you don’t really need a degree for it,” she explained. “But it’s actually something that is like, ‘Oh my God, there is so much to do. This is so much stress to your body and such a fast pace,’ that it just makes me tell the whole world, ‘Listen, please tip your waiters and your waitresses and your busboys and shit, because this is a lot.'”


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