Friday, July 1, 2022

Uncomfortable Convos in ‘Pause with Sam Jay’ – New Season | WATCH

*Comedian and actor Sam Jay returns to HBO for the second season of the late-night talk show “PAUSE with Sam Jay.” The series presents a nuanced conversation with a unique mix of guests and a few well-placed sketches.

This season, topics include; Sam’s journey to make homosexuality more inter-sectional, re-calibrating racism, and understanding addiction through Sam’s current journey with alcohol.

The Emmy nominated writer talked with EUR correspondent Jill Munroe about expectations and how guests feel after being so open on camera.

Jay says that there are always conversations that can be slightly uncomfortable. “It’s all very personal stuff,” Jay said, “we did an episode about prison and my brother going to jail. It ends with me speaking with him, discussing things we had never talked about. I wasn’t sure how that was going to go. My brother has never been on TV, and I wasn’t sure how comfortable he would be.”

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Jay gave another example. “We do an episode on cheating – that’s super personal – and we explore relationships in a way that I hadn’t seen. It required me to put my flaws out there to have that conversation. So there are definitely moments where I wondered how it was all going to work out. But I’m feeling really good about it.”

Jay says there has never been a conversation from the party where a guest asked for something to be edited out, but she has had someone ask that something from one of the individual interviews be cut or edited. Although Jay said that she is a respectful person, the goal of the series isn’t to catch anyone saying something they aren’t supposed to be saying. Or to put anyone on blast because of their thoughts.

“I try to be as respectful as possible in this situation. However, it can level a person off where they might talk more than they would in another scenario or typical interview situation,” said Jay. Ultimately Jay wants people to have conversations that tap into all sides and utilize critical thinking.

“PAUSE with Sam Jay” airs Friday nights on HBO and is also available to stream weekly on HBOMax.

Sam Jay on the set of her HBO talk show "Pause with Sam Jay"
Sam Jay / HBO




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