Friday, July 1, 2022

Boost Mobile Now Allows Customers to Watch Ads or Play Games to Get Lower Bill

Boost Mobile (phone & logo)

*Boost Mobile is giving its customers a way to lower their bills: play a game or watch some ads. If you could lower your phone bill by just playing games or watching some ads would you do it?

Well, now Boost Mobile customers have that very chance. The phone company has introduced “BoostCoins,” a “blockchain-backed” form of payment that can be earned through ad watching or playing games.

The Verge reports that you can get the BoostCoins by downloading the carrier’s BoostOne app and taking part in the app’s games and ads. However, one BoostCoins has a value of just one cent. Watching several seconds of an ad would earn a person two BoostCoins while playing a game could give a person from five cents to $5, the news outlet reports.

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Boost Mobile store-front
Boost Mobile store-front

At some point, the company says it plans to allow customers the ability to share BoostCoins with one another or trade them in for a free phone.

“This represents an exciting new business model and a stepping stone into the future for wireless consumers,” Stephen Stokols, the CEO of Boost Mobile, said in the press release, The Verge reports. “Most telcos rely on subscription models, but it’s time to move beyond the old ways and to embrace proven digital models popular in other industries.”

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