Sunday, July 3, 2022

American RACISM! After Son Cracks Whip At Black Family’s Door, Father Shoots At Them | WATCH

Bryan Thomas Brunson
Bryan Thomas Brunson

*The story previously shared about a young white boy terrorizing a Black family has escalated! A Texas man, identified as Bryan Thomas Brunson — and the boy’s father, has been arrested after shooting at the family who tried to confront him over his son harassing them with a whip.

Earlier this week, we shared a disturbing clip of a young white boy, 9, in Nashville, Texas walking up to a door with a whip in hand. The entire ordeal was captured on the family’s Ring doorbell camera. The clip showed the boy whacking and cracking the whip at the door and banging on it as if he were the police. It’s said that the young boy was coming to confront the family’s young Black daughter, 9. The mother, identified online as Carissa Nash, opened the door and yelled at the boy to get off of her porch and leave the property immediately before she called the cops to report the harassment. The boy then walked off the porch.

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Carissa & Dee Nash
Carissa & Dee Nash

In a second clip posted by Mrs. Nash, she and her husband, identified online as Dee, went to confront the boy’s father, Bryan Thomas Brunson. That is when things quickly escalated for the worse. Walking up to Brunson’s door, Dee remains cool and collected as he tries to tell Brunson about his son’s recent harassment. Brunson flat out denied any culpability and demanded to see the footage of his son. In addition to the footage of the boy cracking the whip at the Nashes’ door, the family also alleges that he scratched their car after being told to leave. The Nashes showed him that video too. But, Brunson was still in denial and told the Nashes to leave. While Mr. Nash continues to speak, he accidentally backs into some plants and Brunson gets enraged, telling him to get off and to pay for replacements. The Nashes also said that when Brunson answered the door, he had a gun on him, and appeared ready to use it — which he did, seen in a clip from the Nashes. Brunson, who’s bonded out, was first booked for deadly conduct, which has now been upgraded to a felony charge.

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