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Gospel Singer Erica Campbell Reacts to Critics Who Say She Dresses Too Sexy

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*Erica Campbell has reacted to critics who claim she dresses too sexy for a curvy gospel singer.

“There is always pressure for any woman, especially in the public eye,” Campbell told Page Six, adding, “I am a woman with curves that sings gospel.

“When you get to a certain level of life things get uncomfortable so — to whom much is given, much is acquired,” she continued. 

Campbell caught some heat from fans in October 2020 after she posted a photo of herself on her Instagram page wearing a form-fitting white dress. Many folks from the Christian community called her a “hoe”. Check out the image below that had rabid religious fanatics ready to perform an exorcism on the artist. 

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Erica Campbell
Erica Campbell

Campbell later said on the Frequently Asked Questions podcast, “Had any R&B singer had [wore] that [white dress], they would’ve been like ‘Oh my God! She’s so covered up.’”

She added, “Christianity has a problem with sexuality.”

She also noted in her Page Six interview that as a public figure she’s had to learn to ignore the haters and critics.

“You can’t say, ‘watch my show, support me on social media, buy my music,’ and then say, ‘but don’t bother me any other time.’ You do want your privacy at certain times. I want the liberty to be my full self.”

The Grammy-winning singer explained, “I don’t feel so embarrassed, like what if people know this? … Nobody’s opinion matters because there is a scandal.

“You buy the music because it is good because there’s something of value … especially if you’re working on your mission and purpose to uplift and have courage,” she said. 

Campbell also shared with the outlet that when she’s feeling down and out, she listens to her own music.

“I play my music when I need to be encouraged because my words are more powerful than other peoples words. Far too many times we learn to depend on the words of others,” she said. 

“Not that I want to invalidate great speakers and great preachers that are in my life, but the fact that I can say to myself… ‘Come on Erica, what are you doing?’”

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