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Baker, Shop Owner (Chamille Weddington) on Mission to Inspire Young Entrepreneurs | WATCH

Camille Weddington (WBBM)
Chamille Weddington is the owner of “Schweet Cheesecake.” / Photo: WBBM

*CHICAGO (WBBM) — A West Side baker with a mission to inspire young people to be their own boss. CBS 2’s Steven Graves with an inside look at how she’s taking her lessons from the kitchen to the classroom.

At this shop for sweets in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood, you’ll find a different type of flavor.

“S-C-H-W-E-E-T Schweet! It just has a nice ring to it!”

So, Chamille Weddington named her newly opened, pandemic-born business after it – ‘Schweet Cheesecake.’

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“It speaks to a taste, it speaks to emotion. It’s warm, it’s friendly.”

And it stands out on Chicago Avenue. A venture inspired by her late grandmother’s recipes.

One Weddington would not do anywhere else but the West Side – her home.

“And that venture is supposed to be mission-driven. It’s undergirded by who you are and your gifts.”

The baker’s gifts go beyond the oven to education.

“My job here is to inspire you to be entrepreneurial.”

The former Columbia College professor is using her tenure as a teacher.

“Grab one if you like”

To turn cheesecake into chats around building business.

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Talking to teens Friday at charter school – Association House – in Humboldt Park.

“Architecture and hair, cosmetology, and such”

Many students – minorities – who can see themselves in Weddington.

“I had a dream even as a little girl to be my own boss.”

“We have a saying – it’s called community is the real currency of a business. And that’s true because, without those relationships, I mean what do you have?”

Leading a community to empowerment through entrepreneurship.

“It’s a method of freedom. When you have options. That’s when you know you are free.”

Weddington hopes to ultimately be an inspiration for others to open businesses like hers. Hoping to make this area a “Schweet” destination spot.

Today was Weddington’s first speaking engagement since opening her business last year. She expects to do more as COVID restrictions loosen.

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