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Charlotte Woman Receives Eviction Notice After Daughter Twerks in Pool | VIDEO

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*A Charlotte woman says she is being evicted from her high-rise apartment because her 21-year-old daughter and a friend twerked in the pool. 

The friend also cursed at the concierge during a dispute over the family’s gathering at the outdoor pool. It seems the concierge took issue with the number of Black people occupying the area at the time. 

As reported by the Charlotte Observer,  the incident occurred at Element SouthPark on April 30. Marshette Foster said the concierge approached her daughter and told her someone had reported the twerking. The woman’s daughter, Alanah Foster, apologized, but her friend took issue when the concierge said they had too many guests at the pool that afternoon. The friend reportedly became angry and cursed at the concierge. 

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Foster told the publication that she has never witnessed concierges telling white residents that they have too many guests when four or five of them are gathered at the pool. 

Foster and her daughter have lived at the complex on Sharon Road since July. Per the report, “Element SouthPark management said the eviction stemmed from “extremely unacceptable behaviors” by Alanah Foster and her guests that also included fighting,” the publication writes. 

Foster received an email from Jennifer Kubitz, regional property manager for Greystar, that explained the reasoning behind the eviction. 

“Over the past 48 hours, I have received several videos of the behaviors/activities of Alanah and her guests at the pool and through the hallways over the weekend,” Kubitz said in the email, according to the report. 

Management has “an extensive list of witness accounts not only from residents but also from employees,” Kubitz wrote. “All witness accounts are supported by the recordings received.

“We have had an employee report that one of the guests used inappropriate aggressive language which made them uncomfortable. Because of the nature of these recordings, we are unable to forward because there are other residents and minors in them,” the email continued. 

Element SouthPark’s management also addressed the issue in a statement to the Observer, saying the company has video of numerous incidents showing disruptive behavior by Alanah and her guests.

“Resident statements and video show the resident and her guests performing acts of public nudity, fighting, and other extremely unacceptable behaviors for any of our residents to witness, but it is especially unacceptable due to the presence of small children,” Element SouthPark said.

“We are proud to be a diverse community with residents and team members from all backgrounds,” according to the statement. “Our community amenities are for the enjoyment of all residents.

“After several resident complaints regarding the actions that occurred in our amenity spaces, we were obligated to enforce the lease which each resident signs and agrees to when moving into our community.”

Foster’s attorney, Charlotte lawyer Shawntae Crews, reportedly advised her to remain in the apartment beyond Sunday’s deadline as she intends to contest the eviction in court.

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