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DeVon Franklin Talks New Audio Book ‘It Takes a Woman’ | EURexclusive-WATCH

*Recently EURweb founder/publisher Lee Bailey had a discussion with author and preacher DeVon Franklin regarding his upcoming audiobook “It Takes a Woman,” available on Audible.

The two-time New York Times best-selling author (Produced By Faith and The Wait) told EURweb about the impetus for the book, how it changed over time and why he titled it as he did.

“When I was nine years old my father died of a heart attack at age 36,” DeVon explained. “He basically left my mother as a widow to raise my brothers and me on her own”

He added: “That’s when she sought out the help of the village in our family. My grandmother and her seven sisters came in and really helped fill in the gap that was left by my father’s absence.”

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DeVon Franklin - It Takes A Woman (poster)
DeVon Franklin – It Takes A Woman

Lee Bailey: Tell me about the process of writing this book?

DeVon Franklin: “Even though it’s an audiobook, I still had to write it. At first, I had one direction that I was going in, but once I went in and started doing interviews with my Mom and each great aunt, that really helped the book take a different shape. Once I did those interviews, I took that audio and those transcripts and re-wrote the book.”

Lee Bailey:  Did Audible have a say in the layout?

DeVon Franklin: “There was no set format. Audible was very open to how I wanted to create this audiobook. It was a very organic process. Every chapter is different but ultimately my hope is that cumulatively when the listener finishes, they will feel like they had a whole meal of wisdom and hope.”

DeVon Franklin - It Takes A Woman (poster)

Lee Bailey: Why did you give the book the title “It Takes a Woman?”

DeVon Franklin: “I believe that it takes a village but I also believe it takes a woman. I think that it’s time to start giving women in our lives the flowers they are due. None of us would be where we are without the sacrifices of women. Specifically, Black women. A lot of times their voices get lost over time. A lot of times, we tell you what Black women have done but we never get a chance to hear from those Black women firsthand.”

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