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Young Joc Gives His Side of His Child Endangerment Case in Interview | WATCH

Young Joc - Getty
Young Joc – Getty

*Young Joc was recently arrested on charges of child endangerment, which was later switched to child abandonment. During Monday’s “Streetz Morning Takeover,”  radio show, Joc spoke about the incident to clear his name. “I’m innocent, motherf*cker!” he said. (Scroll down to watch.)

The Love and Hip Hop star claimed he was sponsoring an event for the Mayor of South Fulton and went home to get dressed when Atlanta police pulled behind him.

“He said nothing. He just walked to the car. Now, interesting enough, I’m sitting here like, ‘what you pull me over for?’ He never said nothing. He just grabbed me.”

Then Joc explains that he rolled down the passenger window, and the female officer says, “Yup, that’s him.”

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The officer then asked him to get out of the car and put handcuffs on him.

“‘You might have a warrant,” Joc says the officer said. He never heard his rights and was driven to jail immediately.

He reveals the mother of his child got upset when he stopped paying the amount of child support. He says he was reportedly paying her a “salary” because he didn’t want any “smoke.” He would pay her in advance, a lot at once that was more than he owed her. Now Joc is getting married and says he doesn’t need to give her that much anymore to focus on his new life. He claims the mother got upset about the amount of change though they went to court.

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