Sunday, May 29, 2022

‘Made for Love’ Star Billy Magnussen Talks Season 2 Return | EUR Exclusive

Billy Magnussen
Billy Magnussen / Getty

*The news season of the hit HBO Max series “Made for Love” has kicked off and we caught up with star Billy Magnussen to dish about what fans can expect from this modern tale about love and divorce. 

Per press release, the series is based on the novel by Alissa Nutting. Season one of “Made for Love”  followed Hazel Green (Cristin Milioti), a thirty-something woman on the run after ten years in a suffocating marriage to tech billionaire Byron Gogol (Magnussen), as smart as he is insufferable. After discovering that her husband implanted a monitoring device – the Made for Love chip – in her brain, allowing him to track her, watch her and know her “emotional data,” Hazel fled to her desert hometown to take refuge with her outcast father Herbert (Ray Romano) and his synthetic partner, Diane.  

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In the second season, in order to save her father’s life, Hazel returns to the Hub, Byron’s high-tech palace.  But once inside, she and Byron both become ensnared by Gogol’s newest revolutionary (and dangerous) technology.

Check out the trailer above.

EURweb’s Ny MaGee chopped it up with Mr. Magnussen recently about some of the tech-heavy themes explored in this series, such as artificial intelligence, transhumanism, existing in a non-physical reality, and envisioning a future where our memories are stored in a digital database. Check out our conversation via the clip below — and watch the new season of “Made for Love” now airing on HBO Max.

Ny MaGee
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