Monday, July 4, 2022

Marlon Wayans Has Hilarious Reaction to Meeting His WHITE Irish Cousin 🙂 | WATCH

Damon Wayans

*Marlon Wayans was introduced to a white cousin he didn’t know he had during a recent interview with Big Boy. 

Sean Valentine is allegedly Wayans’ fourth cousin and one of the radio hosts for Valentine in the Morning. He made a surprise appearance during the comedian’s recent interview with Big BoyTV. Valentine was brought on as a guest during the segment about family legacy, with Big Boy saying, “Marlon, this is your cousin, bro. Valentine, this is your cousin, man.”

Valentine added, “We’re fourth cousins.”

 “Are you crazy? No way,” Wayans replied. 

When Big Boy assured him that they are indeed related, Wayans humorously shouted “Get off of me. You white. Get your white a– off me.”

Watch the moment via the YouTube clip below starting at mark 15:31.

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Wayans explained that through a DNA ancestry test he discovered that he is of Irish descent, as is Valentine. 

“I have Irish, I am 27 percent Irish. I didn’t know this. I was making fun of white people. I feel bad because now I realize I was making fun of us,” he said. 

Wayans then suggested that his blood link to Valentine is through the latter’s great grandfather sexually assaulting Marlon’s great grandmother. 

“So your great-grandpa raped my great-grandma,” he said. “How you feel about that? How you feel about that, cousin? Cousin on the rape side.”  

“I just wanted to say hello,” said Valentine. 

“That’s what your great-great-grandpa said to my great-great-grandma, ‘hello,’ before he raped her,” said Wayans. 

Big Boy joked that the meeting between the two men didn’t go over quite as expected.

Scroll up to watch the moment via the YouTube clip above. 

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