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Sonya Curry on Son Steph Curry’s Reaction to Her Divorce on Today’s ‘Tamron Hall’ | WATCH

Sonya Curry (Tamron screenshot)
Sonya Curry (Tamron screenshot)

*On the Wednesday, May 4 edition of “Tamron Hall,” Cheryl Burke joined Tamron for an exclusive interview, her first since filing for divorce, in which she shared why she went public with the news and how she plans to move forward. While discussing her new podcast, the “Dancing with the Stars” pro addressed whether she plans to start dating and where she stands with Matthew Lawrence since their split.

Tamron was later joined by Sonya Curry, mother to NBA stars Steph and Seth Curry, to discuss her new book, “Fierce Love: A Memoir of Family, Faith, and Purpose.” Curry opened up about raising her three children, Steph, Seth and daughter Sydel, and how they reacted to the news of her recent separation from their father.

Cheryl Burke on her decision to go public with news of her divorce:

“Well, you know, it wasn’t easy, but I think part of my work is to not just preach but also practice what I’m preaching and you know, if I’m going to be open, then I have to be open and it’s better that I say it than some rumors starting about, you know, what was going on and why we got divorced. It’s like, it’s really nobody’s business and you know, as far as what happened, I’m never going to say anything as far as that goes. This is not what the podcast is either. It’s not about the gossip behind my divorce. It’s about growth. It’s about, you know, what I can do to be a better woman and just try to, you know, continue to evolve and wanting to learn and step out of my comfort zone really.”

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Burke on going to therapy with husband Matthew Lawrence before the divorce filing:  

“I’m a huge advocate for therapy, as I’ve expressed on my Instagram and just in interviews as well, I truly believe in it. And I also, you know, Matt [Lawrence] and I, we definitely – we were in couples therapy even before our marriage. I mean, it wasn’t, I think people will associate therapy with like, ‘Oh my God, there’s a problem.’ But really, I think it’s very healthy to actually have that third person there that’s not biased. And that can give you just ways and tools, I guess, you can say, on how to communicate and I don’t regret any of that. You know, I think that really was very helpful for both of us individually, I can only speak for myself. And for me, I think it’s very important because emotions sometimes and feelings can get in the way and can get maybe misconstrued and so I’m a huge advocate for that and we definitely did try it, people evolve and people grow and sometimes they grow together and sometimes you know, you unfortunately grow apart.”

Sonya Curry on why her new book makes her emotional:

“I’m gonna try not to cry again. I guess it’s just a lot of emotions. It’s just all wrapped up together. You know it’s a new start for me and I’ve been sharing stories that people have never heard before. So I’m very vulnerable. I’m finding out a lot about myself that I’m not really as thick-skinned as I thought I was because I worry really about what people are going to say, what impact the book is going to have on other people and first and foremost, I want to praise God with you know, telling the stories because the life that he’s blessed me to have and I want to, you know, make my family proud.”

Curry on her reaction to her son, NBA Star Steph Curry, saying that her divorce to his father is “challenging” but that “The calmness I have in myself is because of y’all.”

“Well, at first, I was saddened, because yes, I know that this isn’t something easy for anybody.” She continued, “This is a hard thing. And to feel like you cause other people pain in any situation is difficult. So for me to find a way to process that, that I could have caused pain to someone else. But then also I was just happy and fulfilled to know that the parenting and all the love and the nurturing that we’ve poured into our children is coming out that way and he’s able to express that, just made me so proud because now it’s like they’re giving to me, everything I poured into them is coming back to me full-fold and it’s such a blessing.”

Curry on how she handles negative headlines about her marriage ending: 

Well, I started even with raising the children that we wouldn’t purchase the newspaper when Dell was playing because, because of that, you know, one day they love you and one day they’re tearing you down and criticizing you. So, you know, we’ve raised them to stay even keel, next play and just focus on what they’re in control of. And so, I’ve tried to do the exact same thing. I don’t listen to a lot of the social media. If something kind of leaks and gets to me and sneaks in then you know, I just take it to prayer and try to leave it with God and focus on what I can focus on and you know, take accountability for the things, if there’s something in there that’s you know, truthful, then I try to take accountability for that and just get better, just wake up every day and lean into you know what my book is titled ‘Fierce Love,’ a lot of grace and a lot of Mercy every day for myself, and then I can give that to other people as well. So and relying on my children, as long as I know the people that I love, know the truth, then I can, you know, lean on that as well.”

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