Sunday, May 29, 2022

Tokyo Toni’s Delusion: Blac Chyna’s An Angel – Kardashians Are Devils | WATCH

Tokyo Toni
Tokyo Toni

*Tokyo Toni is letting everyone know that her daughter Blac Chyna is not a violent person even despite being accused of putting a gun to her ex-fiancé’s head and strangling him with a charger cord.

@tmz_tv caught up with Tokyo on Wednesday as she hung around the Stanley Mosk Courthouse since she’s not allowed in. She told the outlet that her daughter isn’t a threat to anyone. Tokyo even claimed that Blac Chyna is not that kinda girl. She went on to say that the Kardashians are the violent ones, and even pointed to their show, ‘KUWTK,’ claiming that it proves it. There are at least two episodes where the Kardashians get violent with each other. In earlier episodes, Kim Kardashian hits her sister Khloe Kardashian with her purse. In a more recent episode, Kim and Kourtney are seen slapping the crap out of each other following a heated argument.

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Tokyo Toni - Blac Chyna - Rob Kardashian
Tokyo Toni – Blac Chyna – Rob Kardashian

Tokyo ultimately believes the Karjenner fam are just trying to paint her and Chyna as crazy people, but in reality, they are just standing up for their rights. While Tokyo insists on that, she has had a hard time convincing people following her recent Instagram Live videos where she called out the Kardashians and Jenners. To make matters worse for her, she was accused of threatening the judge for kicking her out, saying … “I’m gonna get that judge.” However, Tokyo claimed that the threat was for “judge” Kris Jenner since she believes she rules over all the Kardashians.

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