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The Pulse of Entertainment: Mitchell Coleman, Jr. Releases ‘Glide’ – Produced by The Sound of LA | VIDEO

Jazz bass player Mitchell Coleman, Jr. releases 'Glide' single.
Jazz bass player Mitchell Coleman, Jr. releases ‘Glide’ single.

*“The bass line is funky,” said Jazz bass player Mitchell Coleman, Jr. about his new single release “Glide” (The Sound of LA), a cover of the Pleasure band’s hit single of the same name. “As a bass player that was like one of my bucket list songs…and the message is needed.”

The single is the first release from his upcoming third album “Dedication.” Also on the project is a remake of “Do You Still Dream About Me” featuring platinum-selling Freda Payne (“Band of Gold”).

“It was recorded by Nancy Wilson,” Freda Payne pointed out to me about the single. “It’s also on my CD released in 2006.”

“The album is coming out in June or July but so much is going on,” Mitchell told me about the “Dedication” project.

An Air Force veteran, he said, “The Air Force is the best. I learned a lot of my skills in the military. I started out as a studio musician…It’s my time to come out.”

Mitchell Coleman, Jr. said the message of the single “Glide” is “…About maintaining during troubling times. That’s what God is about.”

The “Glide” single is accompanied by a lyric music video you can glide with.

“We release a lyric video every time…but the official video is coming,” he said.

When I asked about his upcoming album he said, “We have about five or six songs right now. We’re discovering as we go. It’s produced through Michael B. Sutton’s The Sound of LA. He found me and said he could help.”

Help he did, not only is Michael producing Coleman, Jr’s next album but Freda Payne is coming out with a new album too under his imprint. 

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