Friday, July 1, 2022

Keke Palmer Says Fan Violated Her Privacy by Filming Her Without Consent

Keke Palmer

*Keke Palmer has a message for fans who feel entitled to harass her in public and film her without permission. 

“No means no, even when it doesn’t pertain to sex,” Palmer wrote on Twitter on Saturday.

Her comments come after she had an unpleasant encounter with a fan who the actress said filmed her against her will after Palmer wouldn’t take a picture with her.

Palmer explained in a post shared on Twitter that a fan she met at a bar wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. 

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“I was at the bar the other day and this girl asked me three times for a picture and I told her three times nicely that I did not want [to] take one with her. She still preceded to film me against my will.”

“If I went off on her I would’ve been wrong, so I just nervously laughed while my privacy was invaded upon,” the actress continued in a followup tweet. 

Palmer later noted in an Instagram post that she’s still “upset about it,” she wrote in the caption. 

“I hated that I smiled, but that is my defense mechanism to laugh or joke in an uncomfortable situation and it misleads people every time.”

“Literally I could be wanting to scream, and on the outside I’m still preforming. The fact that I tell people no at all is therapeutic progress for me,” Palmer continued. “Creating boundaries can sometimes be so difficult but when you people please or always try to avoid conflict, you let yourself down every time.”

The actress concluded her message by telling fans: “If you ever want a picture with me and I say no, let’s just let that rock.”

Several Palmer fans agreed with her stance, and even comedian Amy Schumer weighed in and commented: “Such a violation. Sickening. I’m sorry that happened.”

Comedian Amanda Seales also thanked Palmer for “encouraging folks to set their own boundaries.”

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