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Video Casts Doubt on DaBaby’s Self-Defense Claim in 2018 Walmart Killing

DaBaby - GettyImages
DaBaby – GettyImages

*The 2018 footage of a fatal shooting involving rapper DaBaby and another man at a Walmart near Charlotte, North Carolina, has surfaced. 

The footage seems to cast doubt on the hip-hop star’s claim that he shot and killed the man in self-defense. 

As reported by PEOPLE, DaBaby (real name Jonathan Kirk) fatally shot Jaylin Craig, 19, at the shopping center and the victim’s family says justice has not been served. 

This newly released footage, obtained by Rolling Stone, was never shown in court and Craig’s family said a key witness failed to appear. The case was ultimately dismissed.

Watch the footage via the YouTube clip below.

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Here’s more from PEOPLE:

In the video obtained by Rolling Stone, Craig’s friend Henry Douglas walks into the frame as DaBaby charges and punches him. Their scuffle moves throughout the grocery store when Craig approaches them, seemingly holding a handgun before he appears to put it away. A female shopper suddenly runs away from her shopping cart moments before DaBaby comes back into the frame and picks up what appears to be a gun from the floor and puts it into his pants.

The victim’s family claim that the rapper started the fight because he was upset Craig and Douglas recognized him. During the altercation, Douglas’s eye socket was bruised and he suffered a cut on his forehead in which he had to get stitches, per Rolling Stone.

As reported by SandraRose, the video ends after DaBaby shot Craig who fled into an aisle and collapsed, and died. 

Craig’s mother LaWanda Horsley told Rolling Stone of the investigation, “I feel like they just swept it up under the rug. [Kirk] knows what he did. I’m not doing this for no fame or anything, because at the end of the day, Jaylin Craig is gone.”

DaBaby previously took to his Instagram Story and said he was shopping with family when someone approached him with a gun. He claims he acted in self-defense to protect his relatives, including his toddler daughter who was with him at the time. 

After footage of the shooting surfaced online, Hot 107.9 radio personality Ebro asked on Twitter, “Why are people acting like the 2018 video of Da Baby’s Walmart incident wasn’t already seen by Walmart, The Police and the courts?”

DaBaby replied, “Cuz the media got they a– brainwashed”

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