Tuesday, June 28, 2022

‘It’s About to Go Down’ Says Benzino Who Calls 50 Cent ‘First 6ix9ine/Hip-Hop Rat’ | WATCH

Benzino on Rocktopics  - screenshot
Benzino on Rocktopics – screenshot

*Looks like Benzino is ready to hit 50 Cent where it hurts… hits pockets! The former reality star recently appeared on @rocktopics’ podcast “It’s Tricky” where he talked about his feud with the rapper. As many know, 50 has been trolling Benzino after he made headlines over claims that he had been with transgender actress Shauna Brooks.

While speaking with Harper, Benzino said 50’s latest comments are disrespectful, especially after he claims he helped the Power executive producer and star early in his career in connection with a stabbing incident at the Hit Factory in 2000. Although Benzino said he didn’t want to talk about 50 Cent that much during the interview, he suggested that he has lawyered up, and “it’s about to go down.”

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Zino went on to call 50 Cent “the first 6ix9ine/ Hip-Hop rat.” Tekashi 6ix9ine infamously snitched to the feds on fellow gang members to get a reduced sentence, and Benzino’s referencing an old allegation 50 ratted on former record exec Jimmy Henchman, per @tmz_tv.

Benzino further claims that there’s federal “paperwork” allegedly signed by 50 that would prove he snitched. Fellow rapper Ja Rule and others at Murder Inc. Records have also said this several times. Despite that, 50 Cent has always denied this, and law enforcement sources told TMZ that those documents were fake.

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