Sunday, May 29, 2022

EURVideoNews: Sky-high Prices Leading to Bare/Empty Food Bank Shelves

Food Bank-Pantry shelves (bare) - Getty
Food Bank-Pantry – Getty

*According to a report from, the Food Bank for the Heartland in Ohama, Nebraska had to cut its food-spending budget. That, of course, resulted in about 2 million fewer pounds of food for the people in the 93 counties it serves. In another situation, the Open Door pantry in Eagan, Minnesota, is handing out 4 pounds less per person, on average. The news outlet also reports that for the first time in its 35-year history, the West Alabama Food Bank is having to cap the amount of food it gives out.

Obviously, you can see a trend happening: food banks and pantries across the U.S. are stretched so thin by soaring operating costs that they’re having to ration what goes out to feed the nation’s hungry.

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At the West Alabama Food Bank, pallets that were overflowing with donations just a few months ago are now bare at its warehouse in Northport, the site also says in its special report. Shipments of fresh pears, cheese and milk are waiting for pickup at a distribution facility in Montgomery, roughly 100 miles away. But Executive Director Jean Rykaczewski can’t afford to retrieve them because a drive that used to cost $450 now is as much as $1,200 thanks to sky-high fuel prices.

The bottom line is that as costs are rising across the US, some food banks are forced to ration supplies leaving vulnerable Americans struggling to survive. For more, WATCH CNN’s Gabe Cohen video report below.

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