Saturday, June 25, 2022

Candace Owens Slams Sharpton’s Criticism of His ‘Democratic Friends’ [VIDEO]

Candace Owens in red

*Conservative host Candace Owens appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News and took aim Rev. Al Sharpton

Sharpton appeared in a panel discussion on MSNBC Monday and touched on the problems the Democratic Party faces in the upcoming midterms. 

Let me say it slowly for my Democratic friends in Washington, D.C.: Black voters are more conservative than you are,” said Sharpton

He continued, “White woke leaders in Washington, D.C. Hispanic voters are more conservative than you are, White woke leaders in Washington, D.C., Asian-American voters are more conservative than you are … They’re more conservative on crime, they’re more conservative on education, they’re more conservative on these woke issues … We don’t want to be manipulated by right-wing elitist billionaires or by left-wing guys that don’t understand our life on the ground that is living in fear of crime, that is living as a result of inflation that is killing us in many parts of the country. “

Hear more from Sharpton about the issues via the Twitter clip below.

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Owens called Sharpton a hypocrite and said he’s out of touch with Black Americans.

“We shouldn’t misinterpret what [Al Sharpton is] doing here because he wants us to believe that he’s telling the truth when, in reality, what he’s trying to do is save whatever clout he has left in Black America,” said Owens. “This is actually a signal that should be a marker for us, for how bad things have gotten in Black America. Because Al Sharpton used to go around [lying] full-time to Black America about their circumstances. Even when he says, oh, ‘[Liberals] out of touch the way Black Americans are living.’ You [Al Sharpton] live in a $2.1 million penthouse on the Upper East Side, and that’s just one of your homes.”

Owens then noted that things have gotten “embarrassingly worse” for Black people over the years for believing the “lies” of democratic leaders like Sharpton. 

Owens believes Sharpton’s criticism of the democrats is simply an effort to save “his own skin.”

“So what he’s doing is he’s saving his own skin. So now he’s trying to play … the peacemaker, the communicator of how Black Americans are feeling. And so we shouldn’t misinterpret … His motives behind telling the truth are really just to save Al Sharpton’s own skin so he can purchase another penthouse. I mean, the only person that I know that has a bigger real estate empire than Al Sharpton is perhaps Black Lives Matter leaders,” Owens said.

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