Monday, July 4, 2022

U Ready for This? Maino Likes to Role-Play as a Runaway Slave During Sex with White Women | WATCH

Maino - screenshot
Maino – screenshot

*During an interview on Angela Yee’s Lip Service, seasoned rapper Maino revealed that he likes to role play while having sex with white women.

But that’s not the shocking part, Maino went on to say that he likes to play the role of a disobedient runaway slave (Record scratches). “I’ve never talked about this before,” he explained. “I play like they whooping me, but most of them don’t even wanna play like that,” he continued.

Imagine begging a white woman to beat you like a runaway slave! Maino went on to say, “this is my fantasy!” “You’re massa’s wife and I just got whooped by him and the whole time I been eyeballing you and you eyeballing me and I’m gonna come all sweaty after just getting whooped, and you’re going to say no Billie-Joe no.”

Now (we’re) not sure what pale rivers Maino has been swimming in that has caused him to lust after oppression…but Neighbors, do y’all think he’s in the sunken place?

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Wait! There’s more …

Check out some responses to Maino’s er … confession.

Angela Yee gotta be druggin’ her guest lol these rappers get on there and forget they being recorded lol first Ol boy said his mama taught him how to kiss and now this 😂😂
some things we should keep to ourselves.
It’s 2022….and this is what the fuck he chose as a fantasy?!? Jesus ain’t weepin for this here….
There is something very mental about this.




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