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The Pulse of Entertainment: Shanachie’s Jazz Group J3 Releases Debut ‘Opus 1′ | VIDEO

Shanachie Entertainment Jazz group J3, consist of Justin-Lee, Jaden and Jamie-Leigh.
Shanachie Entertainment Jazz group J3, consist of Justin-Lee, Jaden and Jamie-Leigh.

*“When I was two years old Michael Jackson passed away and ‘This Is It’ came out. I watched it over and over…fell in love with his music and legacy,” said prodigy keyboardist Justin-Lee Schultz (15) about covering Michael Jackson’s hit “PYT” and “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” on his “Opus 1” album as part of the group J3 on the Shanachie Entertainment label.

The other members of J3 include bass player Jaden Baker (16) and drummer Jamie-Leigh Schultz (18). The “Opus 1” project also covers songs by Chick Corea.

“In our love for Jazz,” Jaden said about why they covered Chick’s songs. “With his passing…’Got a Match’ it’s the craziest song in Jazz.”

Justin-Lee added, “He was a big influence in my improvisation journey since I was 4 or 5. I talked to him through email!”

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Both Jaden and Justin-Lee have solo music careers. Justin-Lee is signed to Shanachie and his debut in out already. Jaden said he is working on his solo project. Jamie is happy touring with the family band.

“I just want to have fun, record and collaborate,” Justin-Lee said about his future in the entertainment business.

“I’m a solo artist too, working on my debut…it’s in the works,” Jaden said. When I asked what he wants most, he continued, “Touring to get my music out there.”

The “Opus 1” album is released on April 15, 2022, and is the debut for J3. Justin-Lee and Jamie-Leigh are from South African, recently moved to Los Angles and Jaden is from Houston. The album also features material from Jeff Lorber an icon in the Jazz world.

“Jeff wrote it in the 70s,” Justin-Lee informed me when I asked about the Jeff Lorber cover. “A few years ago we talked about a song for my album. He sent it to me…so it ran pass my mind.”

When I asked how the J3 group formed Justin-Lee said, “It happened organically. It came down to who is available. Jaden came on and I had to have Jamie on drums. Not cause she is my sister but because she is sick on the drums. Great chemistry! We have…11 songs.”

Jamie and Justin-Lee come from a musical family who has been touring all of their lives.

“When I was 5,” Jamie said when I asked when she started playing the drums. “Dad told me I was always playing on anything I could find, so he brought me a drum set.”

Justin-Lee added, “Music has been with me since the beginning. I was never forced…our parents invested in us. Since I was five I’ve been playing live.”

“Opus 1” is a Jazz instrumental project impressively done.

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