Friday, July 1, 2022

Chance the Rapper Exemplifies Black Art and History on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert | WATCH

*Chance the Rapper appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night to perform his new song “Child of God.” Chance showcased the evocative track seated in front of the companion painting by global artist and collaborator Naila Opiangah. The new project explores the relationship between music, cinema, and contemporary art redefining the concept of ‘album art.’ Prior to the performance, Chance sat down with host Stephen Colbert to discuss his collaboration with Opiangah, who he met while visiting Ghana. Click HERE for the interview and HERE to watch the performance.

At the top of the year, Chance took a transformative trip to Accra, Ghana. By fate, Chance was introduced to Naïla Opiangah, a Gabonese painter whose work explores concepts of identity, self-reflection and interpersonal relationships, through an abstract depiction of nude Black women. The two connected on a higher level and began to collaborate on “Child of God.” The multifaceted art experience, which also features Ghanaian-American musician Moses Sumney, originally debuted at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art on March 25th and was most recently on display this past weekend with EXPO CHICAGO.

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“Child of God” is a candid representation of the exchanges between two creatives of different artistic backgrounds, mediums and platforms. The piece values its process as much as its finished product. It’s a visualization of their mirrored experience as well as a thesis on what the liberation of artists could look like.

“Child of God” is also an illustration of the growing discourse on freedom and agency of artists in a very limiting arts and music industry. It’s the beautiful product of a genuine collaboration between artists responding to and building off of each other, without being circumscribed to predetermined rules and structures.




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