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Comedian Lauren Knight Says Beef Squashed with T.I. After Joke About Sexual Assault [VIDEO]

*Comedian Lauren Knight says there’s no bad blood between herself and rapper T.I. after he was recorded going off on her during a comedy show in Atlanta last week. 

We previously reported that Knight brought up the sexual assault allegations made against the rapper and his wife Tiny during her routine at a comedy club. 

“As many times as you joke on that shit n*gga, I’m gon check yo mother f*ckin ass as long as it takes,” T.I. (a would-be-comedian himself) told the on-stage comedian. “When you stop playing with me and mine, Ima stop saying something,” he continued speaking on the mic.

“There ain’t no mother f*cking case. Ain’t never been no mother f*cking case. I ain’t did nothing wrong and my wife ain’t did nothing wrong. And if you keep on playing wit me n*gga, I’m going to continue to confront (you) publicly– verbally,” he said.

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“First of all, I think he overreacted,” Knight told TMZ, noting that “the beef is squashed” between them.

“This is just about good comedy etiquette—if you’re a comedian you already know what we do is difficult,” she added. “So coming to a show as a comic, which he is, he’s already famous as a rapper. But you’re here as a comedian and heckling me, it’s just bad comedy etiquette… I mean look, everybody laughs at every Bill Cosby joke, every R. Kelly joke, all those jokes as long as they’re being told by men.”

During her stand-up set, T.I. reportedly heckled the female comic, calling her a b*tch and telling her to take off her wig. 

“I said, ‘Alright, I’ll take my wig off when you speak on the allegations. Nobody was tight, except for him. Nobody called him a rapist. I responded to him telling me—in a room full of people—to rip my wig off, and made a joke just like he did. So if you gotta a problem with it, not mine,” said Knight. 

Knight doesn’t think she went too far with the joke, but explained that T.I.  “got upset because he didn’t expect that response from me.”

She said that they “sat down” and “talked about it” after the show —and she wants people who are sending her death threats to “leave me alone” because he “said he was wrong.”

T.I. recently took to Instagram to share that he and Knight are on good terms. 

“After speaking to Lauren, what she said was, we was both lit and we dealt with it that night and I left it there, as I felt the same way,” he said. “So at the end of the day, ain’t nothing now we can do once you sold all the tickets to the rivalry. Ain’t nothing else to sell but the reunion.”

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