Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Man Has Severe Facial Injuries After Arrest – Cops Insist They DIDN’T do it | WATCH

Tahir Kelly (after fall- screenshot)
Tahir Kelly (after fall- screenshot)

*Good grief! One look at the photo Tahir Kelly and it’s hard for some to believe that his injuries were caused by a fall on concrete and not at the hands of police officers who arrested him.

In the wake of the incident, police in Michigan City released bodycam video of the officer-involved incident that left Kelly seriously injured.

Police said the incident began Tuesday because Kelly matched the description of someone involved in a report of a suspicious vehicle.

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Tahir Kelly & cop (screenshot)
Tahir Kelly encounters cop (screenshot)

But the family of Kelly, 26, said his injuries are too severe for them to believe what police tell them happened.

The bodycam video released Thursday afternoon comes from a single camera and seemingly shows what Michigan City police said is the entire interaction between their officers and Kelly until he was loaded into the ambulance. They said its content shows the extent of the officers’ actions and justifies the means used.

Kelly’s family insists the entire episode should never have happened. Whether it was justified use of force or not depends on who you ask.

Check Out the video below for more details.




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