Saturday, October 1, 2022

Judge Orders Tasha K to Take Down Defamatory Posts About Cardi B

Cardi B - Tasha K (Getty composite)
Cardi B – Tasha K (Getty composite)

*In March, Cardi B and her lawyers asked that a permanent injunction be placed on Tasha K to force her to take down all the defamatory posts on the rapper. Cardi B also wanted YouTube to be ordered not to repost them. Cardi B emotionally explained that Tasha’s lies almost drove her into suicide.

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper’s litigation has now borne fruit after the presiding judge over the case on April 4 ordered Tasha K to remove the over 20 defamatory videos.

Tasha K, a YouTube vlogger and social media personality, has also been banned “from ever posting again about the rapper on a range of specific subjects” relating to the inaccurate information she broadcast about Cardi.

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Cardi B - Getty
Cardi B – Getty

Tasha K had already admitted that she deliberately posted lies about Cardi B, such as claims that the rapper has STIs, is a prostitute, cheated on her husband, and used cocaine, among other unproven lies or half-truths.

A jury declared that Tash K is guilty of defamation of character, an invasion of privacy through portrayal in a false light and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Cardi was awarded $4 million in damages and attorney fees by the courts to be paid by the vlogger, after winning her federal defamation case in January. But the saga continues, for she has not called off the legal battle against the vlogger.

Tasha K
Tasha K / via Twitter

Tasha K (born Latasha Kebe) was given five days to take down the defamatory videos. But she has filed an appeal which, if she wins, may make it possible for her to file for a modification to her injunction. That will allow her to possibly repost the controversial videos if she decides to. She has also claimed she doesn’t have the money needed to pay Cardi what the court has ordered

The now infamous vlogger has been outspoken, stressing she is dedicated to spending as many years as needed to protect the right to voice opinions. She says it is part of free speech.

All we say Tasha K is if you keep doin’ the things you did to Cardi B, you gon’ learn the HARD way free speech doesn’t work that way.




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