Friday, July 1, 2022

T.I. Pulls A (Verbal) Will Smith! – Bullies Comedian Over Sex Assault Query | WATCH

TI going at comedian Lauren Knight(screenshot)
TI going off on comedian Lauren Knight (screenshot)

*A super-pissed-off TI was recorded going off on a comedian who (brought up) the sexual assault allegations made against the rapper and his wife Tiny at an Atlanta comedy show Monday night (scroll down to watch via the first IG post).

“As many times as you joke on that shit n*gga, I’m gon check yo mother f*ckin ass as long as it takes,” T.I. (a would-be-comedian himself) told the on-stage comedian Lauren Knight. “When you stop playing with me and mine, Ima stop saying something,” he continued speaking on the mic.

“There ain’t no mother f*cking case. Ain’t never been no mother f*cking case. I ain’t did nothing wrong and my wife ain’t did nothing wrong. And if you keep on playing wit me n*gga, I’m going to continue to confront (you) publicly– verbally,” he said.

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TI going off on comedian Lauren Knight (screenshot)
T.I. going at comedian Lauren Knight (screenshot)

Knight then addresses the “One Knight Only” open mic audience saying she believed the rapper was innocent.

“T.I. is innocent. I truly believe it. Give it up for him. There are no charges,” she tells the crowd.

T.I. clearly was not trying to hear that, telling the comedian not to play with him before he stormed the stage.

(Well that got messy and ugly. Thankfully no one was slapped or otherwise assaulted. However, the comedian that T.I. went at (Lauren Knight) is telling her side of the incident via the 2nd IG post below.)

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Wit! There’s more. Below, the (female) comedian that T.I. had a problem with for bringing up sexual assault allegations, is giving her side of the story on what went down Monday night during the comedy show.




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