Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Extremely Contagious Omicron Subvariant Spreading Across the Nation

Omicron variant
Omicron variant

*According to the CDC there’s a new Omicron strain called BA.2 that is rapidly spreading across the nation. 

Here’s more from Complex:

Within the last week, about 54.9 percent of new coronavirus infections are BA.2, per the CDC. The northeast has been hit with the most cases of the subvariant, with over 70 percent of cases qualifying, while the south and mountain west regions of the U.S. have the least. On Saturday, the weekly average of COVID cases in the country increased by four percent to 27,895. Previous CDC estimates revealed that BA.2 accounted for 39 percent of variants across the country, an increase from 34.9 percent from the week ending in March 19.

The BA.2 strain is extremely contagious and cases of this subvariant are also reportedly surging in Europe. 

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“We’re not immune from what happens in Europe,” said former CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden, who is now president and CEO of the nonprofit Resolve to Save Lives.

“In Europe, you see BA.2 becoming predominant and driving a resurgence, and the likelihood that will not happen in the US is pretty low, really,” Frieden said. “I do think part of the reason that we’re plateauing is that we’re about to start going up again.”

Per CNN, “In America, BA.2 has been gaining steam since the end of January, and case numbers have plateaued. That flattening conceals regional differences, however. In 13 states, weekly average numbers of new cases are rising, and they have stopped falling in 14 others, according to data collected by Johns Hopkins University.”

Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, the W.H.O.’s COVID-19 technical lead, said vaccinations are still effective against the current coronavirus mutations.

“Our vaccines remain incredibly effective at preventing severe disease and death, including against both of the sublineages of BA.1 and BA.2,” she said.

“The real problem is that so much of our population is undervaccinated seniors,” Frieden said. “That’s our Achilles heel.”
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