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Donald Glover: This Season of ‘Atlanta’ Is Very Maximalist! – Like ‘Watch The Throne’ | VIDEO

*After a four-year hiatus, the FX Network hit series “Atlanta” has returned.

However, this season the series takes place almost entirely in Europe. Alfred Paper Boi Miles (Brian Tyree Henry) is on a successful European tour and adjusting to his once craved success. The whole crew – Earn (Donald Glover), Darius (LaKeith Stanfield), and Van (Zazie Beetz) – has made the trip, and they too are navigating their new surroundings and experiences.

The season three premiere of “Atlanta” was held at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles. EUR correspondent Jill Munroe talked to the cast about the upcoming season.

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Donald Glover at FX Atlanta S3 Premiere
Donald Glover at FX Atlanta S3 Premiere

Series creator and star Glover describes this season as “maximalist.” Glover explained, “me & Hiro (Murai, series  executive producer and director) were talking; this season feels like “Watch the Throne.” It’s very Maximalist. We went big on a lot of stuff.”

During the hiatus, Henry had been working on various projects, including Marvel’s “The Eternals” and “The Joker.” Henry shared how he has changed during the time away from his role as Alfred.

“2020 alone gave us no choice but to grow the hell up,” said Henry. “At least some of us, if we answer the call for that. But individually, I had to learn this is an era of change. An era of creating a legacy. Of no longer living in survival mode. To live and embrace everything that is coming my way. I wanted to bring that to Alfred because things change for him so quickly and exponentially. And then they took him out of his comfort zone and put him in another country. That has happened to me quite often. I think Alfred provided that space for me to understand and feel safe. All I wanted to do was protect Alfred and make him feel safe too. He’s being taken everywhere, and sometimes it’s not even up to him where he goes. I wanted to show he is leaning into that a bit.”

Henry also said the character of Van is a storyline to keep your eye on this season.

“I always laugh that you never really get to see Alfred and Van interact. That’s literally what Zazie and I do in our personal life. She is one of my close friends, and we love each other. But they keep putting us on projects where we never have scenes together. So there’s got to be a cosmic joke in that.”

Zazie Beetz at FX's Atlanta S3 Premiere
Zazie Beetz at FX’s Atlanta S3 Premiere

Beetz said this season, the audience will see Van explore her identity as a mother, what it means to be a partner and an autonomous person.

“It’s quite complex, and she deep dives into that,” said Beetz.

Catch new episodes on Thursday at 10 PM or on HULU the following day.




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