Sunday, October 2, 2022

An ‘Uncensored’ Taye Diggs Speaks on PAIN of Being Called ‘White Boy’ | WATCH

Taye Diggs
Taye Diggs

*In a TV One upcoming ‘Uncensored‘ episode, actor Taye Diggs talks about the highs and lows in his iconic career, like being labeled a “heartthrob,” and also being labeled a “white boy.” He says, “it was painful.”

In a clip from the interview, Diggs says, “Being labeled a ‘white boy’ … it was painful, but … It was painful, period. Once I figured out how to manipulate situations, I made a habit of studying people so that I don’t feel less than. So as soon as I realized certain Black people at school were calling me ‘white,’ I made it about them; and I didn’t change who I was and I just went harder.”

Diggs goes on to explain how women off of the street would even tell him how they knew he only dated white girls. He recalls, “It was a trip though because I  remember when I moved to New York, people that didn’t even know my history … Women would say, ‘You only date white girls, huh?’ Before they even knew anything about me. I never got the answers that I wanted, but I would dig deep, and say, ‘Why do you say that? Like you don’t know … You have no …. Is it because I speak like this?’ [They would say] ‘No., it’s just a feeling I get.'” He wonders, “I don’t know if it was their insecurity. I don’t know, but it happened more times than not.”

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