Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Housekeeper Says Brandy Fired Her ‘Cause She’s TOO OLD – She Filed Lawsuit


*Well this certainly is NOT a good look for Brandy Norwood. We’re talking about the lawsuit filed against Brandy by her now former housekeeper who says the singer gave her the boot because she was too old. On top of that, Brandy still owes her for work she completed.

The housekeeper, Maria Castaneda aka Elizabeth Juarezshe, says she was fired by Brandy’s team in February because of her age (she’s over 60). Specifically, Castaneda is suing her for failure to pay proper wages, failing to provide proper meal breaks, age discrimination, failure to prevent discrimination and wrongful termination.

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According to legal docs in the case, according to TMZ, Brandy kicked Castaneda to the curb because she no longer wanted an “older” housekeeper. The housekeeper claims she wasn’t paid for her last 2 days of work, and now she’s suing for back pay and a whole lot more.

Additionally, Castaneda, who says she made $125 a day at Brandy’s Calabasas, CA  home for the past 20 years, claims she didn’t get her legally required breaks, either.

The bottom line is that Castaneda is suing for more than $250K in damages.

If you’re wondering what Brandy’s response is, a rep for the singer/actress tells TMZ: “We disagree and will have further comments after we speak with our lawyers.”

Brandy and her Daughter, Sy’rai - Instagram
Brandy and her Daughter, Sy’rai – Instagram

Wait! Hold Up. The singer and her stylist were recently sued by a fashion designer named Elle B. Mambetov. The designer claims to have lent Brandy clothes along with an 18-karat rose gold diamond ring worth $45k.

Mambetov claims the ring was never returned. The suit says when the designer confronted the stylist he said the jewelry was last seen at Brandy’s home.




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