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DJ Whoo Kid Talks Desiigner’s Hot Single ‘Bakin’ Also Feat. Slushii & Bob Saget | VIDEO

*After releasing an electrifying music video supporting the new red-hot single “Bakin,” hip hop artists Desiigner, DJ Whoo Kid, and Slushii are still on a roll – and they took the late actor-comedian Bob Saget along for the musical ride a few weeks before his death.  The video, shot in Los Angeles this past  December, stars Saget as a master chef.  He hilariously switches the word “Bakin” – the song’s title – with the word “bacon,” the food.

With Desiigner squarely upfront with his smooth rap style, DJ Whoo Kid and Slushii add to the hot video with timely antics and visual energy.   Scantily-clad women – one of whom is porn star Kendra Sunderland, are in the video, with co-star Sunderland standing next to Saget while his bacon sizzles.

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DJ Whoo Kid - GettyImages
DJ Whoo Kid – GettyImages

Getting Saget to play a significant role in a hip-hop video with all its elements and moving parts wasn’t as difficult as one might think.  At the beginning of the video, Desiigner Facetimes Snoop Dogg, asking where to get a chef for the video.  In true Snoop cool fashion, the legendary rapper says, “Please believe me when I tell you this…get Bob on the job.”

“Bob Saget was a good friend of mine, but he was always on tour with his standup,” said DJ Whoo Kid, the legendary and highly sought-after DJ, producer, and Sirius XM radio host.  “But I called him anyway, and he picked up.  I asked him if he would come over to the mansion to shoot a rap video the next day.  Bob showed up at 3:00 p.m. the next day, on the dot.”

According to Daniel Kuniansky, owner of Good Morning Records and the video shoot’s supervisor, Saget had fun shooting the video and even came up with a few creative ideas.  And Saget, Kuniansky said, never got tired of hearing the song.

“We played the song about 3,000 times,” Kuniansky said with a laugh.  “Bob really liked the song.  And he got to see the first cut of the video.  At the time, it was a little more raunchy, but we edited it probably 50 times.”

Daniel Kuniansky & Bob Saget
Daniel Kuniansky & Bob Saget

The video, believed to be Saget’s final on-screen appearance, has been viewed by millions on such media platforms as Entertainment Tonight, Rolling Stone, Complex, The Wendy Williams Show, TMZ, and more.  The sales of the song “Bakin” have skyrocketed across all music streaming platforms.

Saget starred on ABC’s sitcom “Full House” from 1987 to 1995 and ultimately became a successful stand-up comedian.  While Saget pushed boundaries in his stand-up shows, he was concerned about how he would be viewed co-starring with porn star Kendra Sunderland.

“Bob really respected women and women’s movements.  He didn’t want to offend women and be a part of the cancel culture,” said DJ Whoo Kid, longtime DJ for hip hop superstar 50 Cent’s world tours.  “I promised him that I would send him the video once it was done, and he could approve it before we released it.  Unfortunately, Bob passed away before we released the video, but I made sure that we honored his requests for him to look good.”

Jay Pharoah - Bob Saget (YouTube)The video, which also included Jay Pharoah, was released in mid-February of this year, about five weeks after Saget died on January 9.   While the video is riveting, including behind-the-scenes footage of Saget, the single “Bakin” can’t be overlooked as a super song on its own merits.

“The beginning of the song was when Slushii sent me a beat,” DJ Whoo Kid recalled.  “I felt Desiigner would be perfect for the beat because of his rap style.  I knew with the simplicity of the bass and horn, people would concentrate more on the lyrics.  While It was an idea in the beginning, when the song was mixed and completed, I said, ‘This is a hit!’ ”

Besides the song being a hit and supersized by what has already become a must-see video, other interesting developments were unprecedently baking.  Joining the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) craze, the first CryptoMories NFT is featured in the music video.

“NFTs are emerging and rising markets providing musicians, artists, producers, and others with new creative outlets to reap financial benefits,” said Kuniansky.  “NFTs are the next revolution for creatives to take back control by selling tokenized versions of their music tracks, digital art, or bundles of virtual and real-world merchandise. The technology of smart contracts on blockchains is going to be very important to the music industry in the future.”

Official Bakin NFT CollectionKuniansky said an NFT is important because the original content creator can retain royalties on every resale.

“I put in a piece of an art collection in the music video and wanted to be one of the first to do it,” Kuniansky said.  “We put in a CryptoMories NFT because it had a lot of significance.”

The significance is Saget wearing a chef hat in the video.  Slushii allows viewers to see the CryptoMories NFT several times on his handheld device in the video.  The image shown is a skeleton wearing a colorful cape and chef hat.  CryptoMories, explained Kuniansky, is a blue-chip collection of art with the tagline, “Life is short, and it must be lived to the fullest.”

“It was one of the few collections that had chef hats on some of the artwork,” said Kuniansky.  “There were only 73 characters that people could own with chef hats.  It meant a lot to everybody to have a chef hat with meaning in the video.  It now will live forever in the music video.”

Bob Saget - Bakin screenshot
Bob Saget – Bakin screenshot

In loving memory of Saget, a portion of funds raised from the single “Bakin” and the NFT in the video will be donated to support the Scleroderma Research Foundation (SRF), where Saget was a board member from 2003 to his death in January 2022.




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