Friday, August 19, 2022

Catch Regina Hall Talks New Horror Film ‘Master’ | Watch

*When you hear Regina Hall’s name in a new movie you know it’s going to be funny or she’s going to bring the drama!

In her upcoming film “Master” she’s tapping into the horror space. Hall stars as Gail Bishop the master of dorms at a fictitious prestigious PWI (predominantly white institution). Gail is the first Black woman to hold the position at the school. She will soon learn why there hasn’t been a Black person in that role before. 

Fans haven’t seen Hall in a role like this! We talked to Regina about her role and reaction to the script.

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Regina Hall
Regina Hall in Master (2022 Amazon © PRIME VIDEO)

“After I read the script I couldn’t stop thinking about it,” said Hall. “I woke up and I was like ‘hmmm that’s interesting, how will that work?'”

This horror film doesn’t just focus on one element. Viewers will be just as intrigued as Hall was when she first read the script.  

The school is located in a town with a history of witches who died during a witch hunt and the community still has people practicing the traditions. The atmosphere around the school is very weary and Gail begins to experience strange events happening around the campus. She also slowly begins to realize the sinister energy isn’t just from the city being on old witch town.  

The three main characters are dealing with their own issues but are all connected by the one thing they have in common…Discover what that is when”Master” starts streaming on Prime Video and in select theaters on March 18.  





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