Friday, August 12, 2022

Smokey Robinson on Why He Hates Being Called ‘African American’ [VIDEO]

Smokey Robinson
Smokey Robinson (Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)

*Smokey Robinson has made clear that he does not prefer to be called an “African American.”

The Motown legend explained during a recent appearance on “The View,” that he prefers to call himself “Black” and “Black American.”

“I resent being called African American … I think that when you do that, you’re disclaiming all the things, all the contributions that Black people have made to America. I consider myself to be a Black American and I enjoy being called Black,” Robinson, 82, told the hosts. 

“Black has been so negativized as a color down throughout history, by those who wanted to negativize it. And so, it spilled over into the Black community and to the Black people. And even Black people back in the day calling each other Black was a sign for a fight.  So, I resent being called African American because Black people have contributed so much to the development of the United States of America.”

Hear more from Smokey about it via the clip below.

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