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EUR VIDEO THROWBACK: Why Angie Stone Was Arrested on This Day in 2015 | VIDEOs

Angie Stone
Photo credit: Angie Stone’s Instagram (@theangiestone)

*On March 9, 2015, Angie Stone was arrested on domestic aggravated assault charges in Georgia for allegedly knocking out her 30-year-old daughter’s teeth during a violent fight in their home. In this EUR Video Throwback, we’ll revisit the entire saga through visuals – from both Angie Stone and daughter Diamond Stone’s accounts of what happened, to TMZ reporting that Diamond’s teeth were already brittle and rotten, to the involvement of both Steve Harvey and Bishop T.D. Jakes.

Our first story about the sad saga hit several days after Stone’s March 9 arrest, when the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that the Grammy-nominated singer was arrested in DeKalb County. Diamond said it all started when Moms entered her room, demanded that she clean it up and ordered her to control her children, who Angie said were running around her Rogers Lake Rd. home half naked. Angie stated in the police report that Diamond hit her in the face with closed fists first. Diamond alleged in the report that Angie countered by hitting her daughter in the face with a metal jewelry stand, knocking out her two front teeth. Diamond famously posted pictures of her damaged grill on Facebook. Watch below.

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Several days after Angie’s arrest, Diamond vented about the incident and her mother’s alleged abuse in a Facebook post. Around the same time, TMZ reported that Angie’s camp told them Diamond’s teeth weren’t knocked out, but rather “fell out” during their fight because they were already compromised. The gossip outlet cited sources close to Angie saying that Diamond’s teeth had been rotting long before the fight.

Diamond, in turn, admitted to TMZ that her teeth were indeed rotten but added, “It don’t matter if my teeth were rotten or not … I could have gotten a root canal, but she finished the job.” Diamond also disputed Angie’s claim of acting in self-defense, saying the fight started with both women yelling, and Angie grabbed the stand to threaten her. Diamond claims it got physical when she threatened to call the police, and Angie struck her in the face with the stand. Diamond also admitted that she wrestled her mother to ground at that point, and says her brother, Michael, had to break them up.

Cut to five months later.

After the dust had settled somewhat, both mother and daughter took their turmoil to Bishop T.D. Jakes in an attempt to heal. The reverend had Angie and Diamond seated across from each other and reflect on the possible roots of their underlying animosity. Here’s the full episode that aired in August of that year.

By January 2016, nearly a year after the incident, Angie appeared on “The Steve Harvey Show” and really tried to convince him that she didn’t knock out Diamond’s teeth with the jewelry stand. Rather, she stuck to her story of Diamond’s teeth already having decay, and actually “falling out,” saying she “bit down” too hard on her lip during their “altercation.”

Steve’s side-eye was a force of nature. Watch below:

Fun Fact:

Diamond’s father is Rodney Stone, aka Lil’ Rodney C! from the old school rap group Funky 4+1:

Another Fun Fact:

Eight years before their scrap, Diamond – then 23-years-old – sang background on her mother’s 2007 song “Baby,” feat. the late Betty Wright. Diamond doesn’t appear in the video below, but Wright, Mike Epps and Eva Marcille do.




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