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Tyler Perry Got High to Reimagine Beyoncé’s Coachella Set for ‘Madea Homecoming’ | VIDEO

Tyler Perry as Beyonce
Madea as Beyonce

*Tyler Perry released his latest film “A Madea Homecoming” on Netflix last week, and the end of the movie includes a Beyoncé skit that even the singer found amusing. 

“A Madea Homecoming” follows the last installment in the hit franchise, “A Madea Family Funeral,” which debuted in 2019. At the time, Perry said that he was retiring the character after nearly 20 years. Perry uploaded a video on Instagram last June announcing Madea would be coming out of retirement.

“Madea’s coming to Netflix. We need to laugh, man. Too much is going on in the country,” Perry said in a video he posted on Instagram at the time. 

The end of the film sees Madea dressed as Bey in a reimagining of her memorable 2018 Coachella performance which was turned into a documentary experience titled “Homecoming” for Netflix. 

Perry told Entertainment Tonight that he got the singer’s approval before releasing the clip. Perry also admitted that he had to get buzzed to get all the way into recreating Bey’s now-iconic performance at Coachella. Check out his admission the video below. 

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“Before anybody saw it, before Netflix saw it, I sent her a clip,” Perry told Entertainment Weekly.

“Is this OK? If not, it will never see the light of day. You say yes or no,” he reportedly said in a conversation with the music icon. 

“Beyoncé laughed so hard,” Perry told the outlet. “And here we are and there it is.”

He also said he smoked a joint to lessen the anxiety prior to skit performance. 

Perry’s “A Madea Homecoming” is one of the most popular movies on Netflix right now. 

The film premiered on the platform on Feb. 25 and is already the #1 movie on Netflix’s ‘Top 10’ list in the U.S. Per Urban Hollywood 411, the comedy is the #2 program overall in the U.S. after the drama series “Vikings Valhalla.”

Perry posted Saturday on his Twitter account: “Well!! Y’all still got this old broad’s back!! What a blessing after all these years. Still number one! #AMadeaHomecoming”.

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