Friday, September 30, 2022

Tyler Perry Shares Why He Brought Back Madea | Watch

*Back in 2019, Tyler Perry decided to retire his infamous character Madea. Most fans were disappointed and sad about the news. There are some haters who felt it was time. Well, Perry is about to make the haters mad because Madea is coming back to your TV screens!

The last time fans saw her was “A Medea Family Funeral.” At the time most fans thought Perry was killing off the character but that wasn’t the case.

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A Madea Homecoming
A Madea Homecoming (2022), L to R: Isha Blaaker as Davi, Brandon Black as Tim, and Gabrielle Dennis as Laura. Cr. Charles Bergmann / Tyler Perry Studios

We sat down with Perry to talk about his new movie “A Madea Homecoming” and his inspiration for her return. “The biggest part of me bringing her back was me wanting everybody to laugh…between the pandemic and politics, social injustice and civil unrest. All the things we’ve been going through. I just wanted to have a place where we can just laugh,” said Perry.  

Madea is sure to bring all the laughter in “A Madea Homecoming.” The film centers around her family members coming to visit to celebrate her great-grandson’s graduation. Social media has helped us realize most Black people have lived the same life when it comes to our upbringing and the different types of people our families. For example, when family comes to visit you know who can stay at the house and who can’t because you have to watch them. You know who’s going to make everyone laugh and who’s going to make everyone mad. This film captures the essence of all of those things. 

A Madea Homecoming
A Madea Homecoming (2022), Tyler Perry as Madea. Cr. Charles Bergmann / Tyler Perry Studios

Is Perry a, ‘yes you can stay with me type of person’ or ‘a get a hotel kind of person?’

“I’m very particular and I want everything in its place. So I can do that for about two to three days and then everybody has to go home,” joked Perry about how he deals with family members when they come into town.

You can be in your home enjoying “A Madea Homecoming” streaming on Netflix starting February 25. 

Tyler Perry
Tyler Perry




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