Saturday, October 1, 2022

LaRita Shelby Doing Big Biz at EURweb!

LaRita Shelby
LaRita Shelby is VP of Business Development at (Photo: Ryan Stroud 2022)

*It’s been a diverse career for LaRita Shelby, but always rooted in the entertainment business.  The former international radio personality for AFRTS never left her roots working for industry maverick Lee Bailey.

When Radioscope The Entertainment Magazine of the Air officially left the airwaves in 2005, Bailey had already shifted his focus online.  Now seventeen years later, is a thriving brand in urban entertainment news and lifestyle reporting. LaRita continued her tenure with Bailey as a contributing journalist.

As a complement to her acting career, LaRita acquired a thirst for business after starring in her first movie. She studied John H. Johnson, Reginald Lewis, Napoleon Hill and Dennis Kimbro, among others.  LaRita became an out-of-the-box thinker and an idea maven. On stage and film, she acted the parts.  Offstage and screen, she poured her passion into entertainment journalism, but she gradually transitioned into more sales-oriented tasks and never missed a beat as an actress, author and jazz artist.

According to LaRita: “EURweb is the best day job ever.  You’re still in the business but get a bird’s eye view of how major entertainment brands market, promote, budget and execute their campaigns.”

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LaRita Shelby
LaRita Shelby aka Jazzy Rita enjoys a multi-faceted career covering Business, Entertainment, Education and The Arts. (Photo by Ryan Stroud)

LaRita is now a master strategist so when Verizon came knocking, LaRita knew just what to present to satisfy their objectives thereby closing the biggest deal in the history of the company.  During key points of the onboarding and certification process, LaRita was on set full time starring opposite Brian White in the forthcoming series Foster Law.  It was lights, camera action by day and handing big business by night on her laptop while on location.  Her desire is to leverage the same relationship with media buyers, that EURweb has with the PR and publicity departments at major studios, labels and corporations.

Shelby states: “These entities must understand that we are capable and also available for their advertising needs.  Our average monthly audience is 1.9 million, 3.6 million average page views, 68% African American and we are certified Black-owned and operated.”

EURweb has since been promoted LaRita as V.P. of Business Development and Special Projects.  Founder Lee Bailey explains: “Working with Verizon gives EURweb/Rabercom Enterprises the ability to expand our resources so that we can become even more competitive in our journalistic endeavors.”

LaRita Shelby aka Jazzy Rita, Willie Daniels & Victor Orlando
LaRita Shelby aka Jazzy Rita, Willie Daniels & Victor Orlando on the set of the video shoot for Mellowtopia by Jazzy Rita Shelby 2022.

LaRita is self-described teaching and performing artist.  Her latest single is “Mellowtopia” as Jazzy Rita and is available wherever digital music is sold.  Additionally, she has just struck a deal with Lindsey and Associates to further her speaking & training career.  The most recent virtual event was on February 19.  For general info visit: For EURweb business inquiries contact:




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