Tuesday, July 5, 2022

‘The Wendy Williams Show’ to END in June! ‘The Sherri Shepherd Show’ to Replace it: REPORT

Wendy Williams (Screenshot via TheShadeRoom)
Wendy Williams (Screenshot)

*If what LoveBScott is reporting, it’s all over for “The Wendy Williams Show.” The site says production will officially come to an end in June.

On the other hand, Sherri Shepherd’s deal has been finalized, and “The Sherri Shepherd Show” [working title] will be the replacement for “Wendy” sometime this coming Fall.

“The producers informed everyone that the [Wendy Show] was being canceled at the end of June,” sources close to production exclusively told lovebscott.com.”Then in the next breath, they hired everyone to work on the new Sherri show.”

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Sherri Shepherd (Wendy Williams Show)
Sherri Shepherd

Meanwhile, “Wendy” production sources tell the site that Williams has been “checked out” for quite some time and had become increasingly difficult to work with prior to her medical leave.

“[Wendy] had become somewhat unbearable, having tantrums and throwing things at people. Basically, the consensus among the crew is that she didn’t wanna be there anymore. Her illnesses may have exacerbated that feeling.”

Despite Wendy’s health battles and multiple hiatuses, Debmar-Mercury only decided to renew Wendy’s show after their planned replacement, “The Jerry O’Connell Show,” fell through because of poor ratings.

We can only wonder how this news, true or not, is affecting Wendy’s psyche?


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