Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Mark Wahlberg On Playing The “Old Guy” In ‘Uncharted’ | Watch

Are you ready to go on a globe-trotting adventure to recover a billion-dollar fortune lost 500 years ago?!

That’s the premise of the new Sony Pictures Entertainment film “Uncharted” starring Tom Holland (“Spider-Man: No Way Home”) and Mark Wahlberg (“TED”). The flick is based on the 2007 PlayStation video game of the same name. Holland plays street-smart bartender Nathan Drake, who is recruited by a mysterious treasure hunter Victor “Sully” Sullivan (Wahlberg). He makes an offer for the two to team up and recover a fortune in gold, with the bonus of potentially discovering what happened to his older brother Sam who disappeared years earlier.

Sophia Taylor Ali, Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg star in Columbia Pictures’ UNCHARTED. photo by: Clay Enos

“Uncharted” was in development for many years before finally being made, with Wahlberg initially attached to play the role of Nate. The actor talked with us about what makes him say, “yes” to a project at this stage of his career, performing stunts at 50 years old and working with his co-star Tati Gabrielle.

Wahlberg said he tries to pick his projects based on what he thinks the audience would like to see him in and what he wants to see himself in. “This project was the first time I played the old guy and embracing getting older,” he shared. “And for selfish reasons, I try to do things that are the complete opposite of my last film. So if I did a drama, I follow it up with a comedy or something with action. I like to mix it up,” said Wahlberg.

Mark Wahlberg stars as Victor “Sully” Sullivan and Tom Holland is Nathan Drake in Columbia Pictures’ UNCHARTED. Photo by: Clay Enos

“Uncharted” is heavy on the action. Wahlberg turned 50 last year and said his approach now is to do the least amount possible. “At my age, you have pain in a place that you didn’t know existed. So I took advantage of the fact that with the character…anytime you see me say, ‘oh, I got a bad knee,’ or ‘I forgot my glasses, that was me playing up the old guy stuff, and then getting the young turks to do it themselves and do my dirty work and heavy lifting. I really enjoyed that part of the film,” said the actor.

The film also stars Sophia Ali, Antonio Banderas, and Tati Gabrielle. One of the film’s highlights is a fight sequence between Braddock (Gabrielle) and Sully. Wahlberg said that he had to ask Tati to pull back a bit in the scene after initially telling her to come at him full force. “You have to understand that Tati is a real martial artist. She’s the truth. Wahlberg continues, “I was like, ok, this is good, but then all of sudden I had to say, I’m not too big of a guy to say that this girl can bust me up. She’s dangerous, but thankfully she’s my friend. I was more than happy to get to see her showcase her talent. I enjoyed the scenes with her more than anything.”

“Uncharted” is available in theatres on February 18.




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