Saturday, June 25, 2022

Trey Songz Accused of Raping Woman in New $20M Sexual Assault Lawsuit

*Welp… a new day brings yet another sexual assault lawsuit against singer Trey Songz

A woman has hit Song with a $20 million sexual assault case, claiming he raped her at his home on March 24, 2016. The unidentified woman said she initially had a consensual relationship with the singer but Songz allegedly became a “savage rapist,” she said in the lawsuit, as reported by Complex

Here’s more from the outlet:

Songz is being sued by a Jane Doe who claims that she went to one of the artist’s house parties in 2016. She alleges she was invited upstairs and then raped by Songz after she told him she did not want to have anal sex. The woman alleges Songz removed her pants when they got to the room, held her down, and forcibly inserted his penis into her anus. She also said that she screamed throughout the alleged ordeal and begged for him to stop. The woman also alleges that she went to the hospital and was too frightened to name the artist after she was examined. She said the examination found that there was “severe anal tearing that could require surgery.”

A representative for Songz denied the allegations to TMZ.

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“Earlier today, the attorney who drafted this suit was credibly accused of trying to pay a woman to falsely accuse Trey,” the rep said in a statement. “Hours later, that same attorney has filed this suit on behalf of an anonymous client. It isn’t hard to see what’s happening here, and it is a shame for genuine victims of sexual assault.”

Songz is also dealing with two additional sexual assault cases.

We reported earlier that former UNLV basketball player Dylan Gonzalez has also accused Trey of raping her.

Gonzalez tweeted in December “Trey Songz is a rapist,” amid reports that he was hit was a $20 million dollar lawsuit by a woman who claims he sexually abused her in 2018 after attending a New Year’s Eve party at Diddy’s mansion.

In a lengthy message shared on social media, Gonzalez detailed her allegations against Songz but did not make clear when the incident occurred.

In a statement posted to Instagram on Jan. 11, Gonzalez wrote, “With what seems like endlessly reoccurring news of the alleged sexual assaults committed by Trey Songz, I am forced to repeatedly relive in my mind, and suffer anew, the long-suppressed horror and unbearable PTSD of my rape by his very hands at a well known Las Vegas Hotel.”

She referred to Trey by his birth name, Tremaine Neverson, and encouraged sexual assault victims to speak out and name their abusers.

“Suppression of our voices only emboldens our oppressors, and you cannot heal what you do not reveal,” Gonzalez wrote.

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