Thursday, August 18, 2022

Bow Wow in Talks to Create Morning Radio Show

Rapper Bow Wow  (Photo by Thaddaeus McAdams /Wire Image)

*Shad Moss, famously known as Bow Wow, claims he is in talks to create his own morning show. 

“They thought I was playing when I said I want my own morning show on the radio in ATL,” he wrote in a tweet. “Welp… the talks have started!”

Meanwhile, as reported by Revolt, the veteran hip-hop star recently was asked recently i he has any regrets in his music career, and Bow admitted that the probably wouldn’t rap if he could turn back the hands of time. 

“Just been actor and never touched music,” he responded to a fan. 

Last summer, following his Verzuz battle against Soulja Boy, Bow expressed how he really feels about the rap game. 

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“Y’all niggas see why I don’t be wanting to rap no motherf*cking more?” Bow said in a clip shared on social media. “This is exactly why I’m at peace. I’m at peace man. I like hosting my sh*t, making more money than half of y’all rap niggas. I like doing my podcast. This sh*t right here is the number one reason why a nigga don’t wanna rap no more. This is the reason why. I do movies, and I do so much other sh*t. It’s because rap sh*t brings stress….I don’t f*ck with rap. I hate doing this shit.”

Soulja Boy and Bow Wow both took to social media ahead of their Verzus battle to trade shots at each other. 

“Soulja, I have so many No. 1s,” Bow Wow said at the time in an Instagram video. “If you go on Google right now and you type in ‘Rappers with the most No. 1s,’ you will see Drake first, Eminem, Lil Wayne. I’m on a list with a lot of greats. There ain’t a lot of us.”

Bow Wow confirmed their Verzuz event after Soulja Boy claimed he was scared to face off against him. 

“Bow Wow scared of me, man. You see when Romeo said something, he jumped right on it but as soon as they said “Big Draco” name, Bow Wow be quiet as hell making up all types of excuses, man. Bow Wow knows what’s up with me,” Soulja told Tampa Bay’s Wild 94.1. 

“He know everybody in the world, everybody on Twitter, everybody say they wanna see Bow Wow vs. Soulja Boy, but he wanna battle Romeo ’cause he know he gon’ win that one and he know Big Draco gon’ give him that real smoke,” Soulja said at the time in an interview with 94.1.

Meanwhile, despite this anti-rap rant, Bow says he’s working on his last album, per Snoop Dogg‘s request. 

“Snoop told me no way you can retire before me,” Bow Wow previously tweeted. “You owe us one more. Speak on all the real shit that we wanna know you been going through. Put it song and watch it flourish. – nuff said unc! #lastone.”

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