Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Video: Reckless Woman Dangles Young Child Over 10th Floor Balcony to Retrieve her Dropped Laundry

Woman dangles child over high rise balcony
Woman in India dangles child over high rise balcony

*In 2002, Michael Jackson famously and inexplicably dangled his son Blanket over a fourth floor hotel balcony in Berlin, needlessly and selfishly endangering the child’s life for the thrill of screaming fans below. Twenty years later, a woman in India has taken dangling a child over a high rise balcony to a whole new level of selfishness. But she did have a reason.

The mother in India dangled her young child from the 10th floor of a high-rise apartment building so that he could retrieve some clothes that fell onto the balcony railing below. Video of the incident, shot from a building across the street, surfaced on social media, sparking heated online discussions about child safety.

Using a long cloth from her balcony to the balcony below, the woman (possibly the boy’s mother) had him grab the other end of the cloth while she lowered him to grab the stray clothing. The video begins as the woman, along with another older woman (possibly his grandmother), pulls him back to their balcony with the errant laundry in a bag. A few young children (possibly his siblings) look relieved as they help pull him over the rail.

Watch below:

According to reports, the incident happened on Feb. 6 and the unidentified woman lowered her son to get the runaway clothing because the 9th-floor apartment was locked. A resident of the building said the woman didn’t seek anyone’s help and instead, dangled the child with a saree. Meanwhile, the management of the building has issued a notice asking for an explanation from the woman, the resident added.

As you can imagine, Twitter was upset. Many called on child safety authorities to open a case on the mother.

Below, Michael did it first.




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