Saturday, July 2, 2022

‘Using Racism to be Entertaining’: Trevor Noah Gives His Take on Joe Rogan’s N-Word Usage (Watch)

Trevor Noah, Joe Rogan
Trevor Noah discusses the Joe Rogan N-word reel on “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah”

*Trevor Noah swung at the Joe Rogan controversy during “The Daily Show” Tuesday night, zeroing in on the podcaster’s N-word montage video that went viral last week. “He’s dropping the N-word like he bought it in bulk at Costco,” Noah said at one point.

Rogan’s racist reel came on the heels of pushback against his allowance of coronavirus vaccine misinformation to be spewed on his show. Musicians such as Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and India.Arie requested that their music be removed from the streaming service – Young and Mitchell because of Rogan sharing COVID misinformation, Arie because of the racism.

“He said he would never say black people are apes, but he said that,” Noah said, referring to a clip in the N-word montage. “What I found particularly illuminating is when he says I wasn’t being racist, I was just being entertaining. No Joe, I think you were using racism to be entertaining.”

Watch below:

Rogan addressed the N-word montage video on Instagram, saying in a posted video that the he was “disgusted” by the clips, and that the words in the video were “taken out of context.”


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