Monday, July 4, 2022

Kelli Koins Comes to the Rescue of Sidepieces with ‘How to be A Better Jump-off’

*Author and marketing professional, Kelli Koins, believes that about 90 percent of men are unfaithful in their romantic relationships. While men having side-chicks is not a new phenomenon, technology and social media have now begun to shift the spotlight from the male perpetrators, and onto the women who participate in these affairs. IG models Brittany Renner and Jordyn Woods are prime examples.

Now, in addition to the risks of falling in love and/or getting pregnant, the actions of these women are increasingly leading to unexpected and serious consequences – such as being exposed and ridiculed publicly, and being drawn into potentially violent, life-threatening situations for themselves and the men they are involved with.

That is why Koins has come to the rescue in her controversial and highly anticipated new book, “How To Be A Better Jump-off, a risqué and no-nonsense endeavor that will discuss real-life accounts, and reveal the unwritten rules and etiquette that women must adhere to if they elect to indulge in the risky lifestyle practice.

“There has always been an unspoken rule about these types of relationships,” Koins said. “Because of popular culture, social media and other things like that, the rules of engagement have gotten lost. Therefore, lives have been ruined, and people have gotten killed.”

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Koins, a native of Flint, Michigan, learned early on in life about affairs, side-chicks and how the arrangements were supposed to work.  After all, she witnessed her father’s dealings with multiple women during his marriage to her mother. She gathered insight from him and other male relatives and friends regarding what men look for in women, what they desire in a side chick, and why married men cheat behind the backs of women they never intend to leave. Considering herself an expert of sorts on the topic, Koins has seen where the drama is likely to stem from.

“I find that the situations where men lie, those are the situations that turn ugly,” she said.  “Clearly the wife or the girlfriend will lash out, but also even the jump-off. She feels like you lied and then she wants to retaliate. Let her decide if she wants to be in that relationship. Lay the rules down and if they are not, keep it moving. “

“How to Be A Better Jump-off” is likely to ruffle some feathers, particularly wholesome folks who are unequivocally committed to faithful, monogamous relationships. However, Koins makes it clear that she neither supports nor condemns the infidelity in relationships, but instead urges people to be accountable for their own decisions, and to recognize that there are consequences and karma. In the past, she too was involved in an affair that she later grew to regret for numerous reasons.

Still, for those who wish to proceed in secrecy, she has one major piece of advice.

“Keep your mouth shut,” she said. “The unwritten rules are the biggest part. Understand them and agree, or don’t get involved. It is a game and you have to know the rules. Don’t play the game if you don’t know the rules, or you don’t respect the rules.”

“How To Be A Jump-off” will be available just in time for Valentine’s Day on




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